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Captain Remas McDonald

Name Remas McDonald

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 90
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown, Almost Black
Physical Description Atheltic would be the word to describe a man who, if put in a conference room for too long will begin to tap his feet and look for an exit. He wants to wander, to look around things and know all secrets. That sort of eagerness to pry means you get a lot of practice running.


Spouse None
Children Not yet.
Father Ferris McDonald
Mother Banni McDonald
Brother(s) Many
Sister(s) Myriad
Other Family Literally boatloads

Personality & Traits

General Overview The current CO of the Longjump Project's first extragalactic starship. Before applying for this candidacy Remas was an officer of middling talent. This was more often than not outweighed his accomplishments with black marks on his record. As he is often want to say 'I have a wanders heart, and never do I know if it seeks to draw me to danger or opportunity'.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has faith in every soul under his command. Because really, in the grand scheme of things, his ship and crew are his kin. His brothers and sisters, and probably a few crotchety uncles and aunts.

His curiosity has gotten the better of him from time to time, including a memorable mission where he lost the port nacelle of a Norway class destroyer after investigating a microscopic black hole.
Ambitions To not die with a question on his lips.
Hobbies & Interests Spacefaring history. His ready room and quarters are filled with collectables form every step of the space race. he is especially proud of a basalt cliff etching from Luna made during The Great Deprivation, or as Earther's called it WW3. On the etching are cared ancient spacemen in suits, and space stations made of singular modules.

"We went from trees and vines to canvas space suits and tree house space stations. Not bad for primates,"

Personal History To begin in a fashion suitable to tales of unordinary men, we must begin with the root of it.

Remas is a member of The Rish, a wandering nomadic band of spacefarers who left Earth on the first warp capable ships made and never found a home. The legend goes their target world was miscalculated, and what was meant to be a new Eden turned out to be a brown dwarf with a pair of Hot Jovians in orbit. No habitable worlds, only raw materials and knowledge that somewhere out there would be a place for them. So they set off from what was meant to be their home once more.

In time this wandering voyage became their way of life, stopping at stars to refuel and resupply, never setting down permanent roots. Over time families left to 'plot their own course', and soon their ramshackle ships and easy going ways became the bane of civilised worlds. "Lock up your daughters, lock up your sons, the Rish will come and take but one." was a common song among the frontier of colonised space at a time, and it was truer than not. The Rish were an inclusive people, accepting of all regardless of race or creed. It was often said if you show a Rish kindness and hospitality, you'd end up giving them your home and shirt out of gratitude.

Fast forward two hundred years and Remas McDonald joined Starfleet, as much in keeping with the Rish way of wandering where one wants, as complying with his contrary nature. He gained disapproval in equal measure from his family and peers, but a life as a spacer gave him the skills needed to navigate the shoals of Academy life. His graduation took him to Fleet postings in engineering, and then slowly onto the piloting track that would lead him further in life.

Not that he didn't want for adventure in his life. More often than not he would get himself into trouble just to see how he could get out of it. This led to as many citations for bravery as reprimands for conduct unbecoming an officer. This sort of service record usually disqualifies an officer from ever getting within spitting distance of a Captaincy.

But the Longjump Project requires someone willing, if not eager, to walk an unfamiliar path. And Remas McDonald has never met a locked door he didn't want to open.