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Master Warrant Officer Tsabina

Name Tsabina

Position Head Nurse

Rank Master Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 127
Hair Color Rainbow (post-transition) / Brown (pre-transition).
Eye Color Azure (post-transition) / Amber (pre-transition)
Physical Description Tsabina is svelte and supple with a perpetually teasing and quizzical disposition.

Post-transition Tsabina now has slightly feathered hair that flows in all colors of the rainbow with lighter eyes that result in altered vision.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tsabina was pleasant and friendly, though at times suspicious of strangers. Her saccharine facade hid a biting tongue that would strike overly flirtatious or rude people. Some called her a helpless flirt, but it was often only a defense mechanism. There were few times where she ever ran from a challenge or confrontation. While she has taken the same Hippocratic Oath as all medical practitioners, Tsabina considered herself to be, above all else, a pragmatist.

Post-transition, Tsabina has become extremely ruthless and borderline psychotic. Between the various telepathic energies of the Reka and the gestalt consciousness that's gathered inside her mind, Tsabina has experienced a dark awakening that makes her completely unpredictable.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Diligent
+Kind Power overwhelming

-Morally Gray
Ambitions Kick ass and chew bubble gum

Personal History Tsabina is a brilliant medical mind who prefers hands-on diagnosis and treatment to administrative work or writing medical papers. As such, she has repeatedly turned down offers of field commissions and honorary doctorates in order to maintain her direct contact with patients.

Born on Risa in 2359, Tsabina enjoyed the paradise that is her homeworld for many years. When the New Essentialists wreaked havoc on her homeworld in the early 2370s, she discovered a desire within her to help others. She entered WOCS in pursuit of that very dream.

After being assigned to the USS Traveller, Tsabina's life was changed for the worse. The first major event involved the Morning Star ark vessel that fired on the Traveller. Tsabina treated the victims and watched nearly a dozen perish in Sickbay. One of them was a Vulcan science officer who passe off his katra in his final throes of death.

Not knowing what happened, Tsabina only knew that she felt unlike herself. When the Traveller finally reached the first star system of Messier 4 and encountered the Myriad, that first encounter ended with a severely damaged ship. Yet another Vulcan officer perished in Tsabina's arms and adding to the other she already carried.

A few weeks later, a mechanical failure in the cryopod bay where dormant members of the crew remain in suspended animation resulted in Tsabina absorbing yet another katra. By this time, Tsabina's mental stability was unwinding due to the collection of multiple consciousnesses rattling around inside a single neural framework.

In secret, she began sabotaging more cryopods containing Vulcans in order to add their katras to the growing gestalt consciousness inside her brain. Normally this would potentially kill someone, but she self-medicated through the use of illicit synthesized pharmaceuticals to expand her neural capacity.

When the USS Traveller suffered an ambush attack by the Reka within the Beacon system, Tsabina saw an opportunity to move beyond Vulcans. Several members of the crew perished in a Reka boarding party and many more were wounded. In a treacherous act of betrayal, Tsabina locked down Sickbay and sided with the Reka. Her longstanding lust for greater consciousnesses led to her attacking the Trill doctor, Dazreena Kal, in order to harvest the symbiont.

The moral and physical resistance levied by surviving members of the staff drove Tsabina away. In a stunning turn of events, the Reka present in Sickbay swore allegiance to Tsabina, dubbing her the Song Stealer, and covered her escape.

Tsabina's present whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed she has defected to the Reka, perhaps in a leadership capacity.
Service Record 2377-80: Starfleet WOCS (Medical Corps)
2380-82: Research Assistant, Starfleet Medical; Warrant Officer
2382-83: Nurse, DS11; Warrant Officer
2283-85: Charge Nurse, DS11, Staff Warrant Officer
2385-87: Head Nurse; USS Peregrine; Staff Warrant Officer
2388-Present: Head Nurse, USS Traveller; Master Warrant Officer