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Lieutenant Arivek Zhuri

Name Arivek Zhuri

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian/Trill Hybrid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and handsome, with a swimmer's build, Arivek has dark blue hair and crystal blue eyes. His skin is a bright blue as usual with his Bolian heritage and has dark blue spots that run down the sides of his face and body. Where most Bolians have a ridge that vertically divide their face, Arivek's ridge only appears on his forehead and stops when it reaches his nose. Being a hologram, Arivek doesn't age, and retains the physical appearance of a 29 year old.


Father Sedurlin Zhuri is a Bolian holoengineer working on Twilight Research Facility for Starfleet. Sedurlin was the one who suggested they transfer Arivek's consciousness into a holomatrix. This has caused a falling out between Sedurlin and his son.
Mother Ambyr Zhuri is a Trill geneticist working on Twilight Research Facility for Starfleet. Ambyr was highly against Sedurlin's decision of the brainwave transfer, and because of that, has caused a rift in their marriage.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arivek is very intelligent and detail oriented, sometimes to a fault. He can be a bit of a neat-freak, some would even go as far as saying he's OCD. He's excellent at multitasking, mostly due to the attention deficit he has, though it does cause problems in his personal life. He's been accused of being a workaholic and often spends his off-duty time in the research lab.

He has a photographic memory and tends to talk very quickly when he gets excited. It's also been said that he has no filter when he talks, as he just says whatever he thinks without considering if it's appropriate or not.
Hobbies & Interests Despite a nanotechnology specialty, Arivek's experience and photographic memory have helped him to become a well-rounded Engineer. He enjoys reading and tends to obsess over subjects that he finds interesting. Outside of work, Arivek likes to be alone. Shying away from all contact with the crew, Arivek prefers to go offline rather than socialize. While he has quarters aboard the Traveller, he rarely visits them.

Personal History Arivek Zhuri was born to Ambyr and Sedurlin Zhuri on June 21st, 2356. He was born aboard Twilight Research Facility in orbit of Alnilam III, deep within the Pommel Nebula. Having parents who were both research scientists, Arivek grew up surrounded by complex experiments and detailed analyses. When he showed signs of understanding the work that was going on around it, it became obvious to his parents that Arivek was quite gifted.

When the time came for Arivek to choose his university plans, his parents were adamant that he choose one of the more prestigious options that had been offered to him. When presented with Cambridge and the Vulcan Science Institute, young Arivek caused quite a stir when he chose Starfleet Academy, citing a desire for the unknown of space. Despite his parents' protests to reconsider, Arivek packed his bags and shipped off to Earth to attend the Academy to become an Engineer like his father.

The Academy was a disappointment to Arivek when compared to the experience he had aboard Twilight. But he kept his goals in sight and used the free time he had to read up on any subject that interested him. During these self-learning sessions, he learned a lot about the Borg and decided to put that information to good use. He chose research and development as his field with a specialty in nanotechnology.

Upon graduation, Arivek was assigned to the USS Warbashyk as a power system Engineer. He excelled at the position but found the assignment to be boring and mundane. After a year and a half on board, he was transferred to the USS Pendragon. The Pendragon proved to be just as dull and tedious as the last but gave him more experience with warp drive and other propulsion technologies.

After a two-year-long tour of duty on the Pendragon, Arivek requested a transfer to a facility that could better put his expertise to use. With the approval, he soon found himself back aboard Twilight Research Facility with his own team to conduct his research.

The next three years were a delight for the young Engineer. He was able to see his ideas come to fruition and his research was catching the eye of more than a few higher-ups. He was published twice and even had the opportunity to speak at a symposium on Uilbyn IV. But everything changed when one of his experiments took a turn for the worse.

Arivek had developed a device that allowed him to control a piece of technology with just his mind. By tapping into the collective idea of the Borg, he simulated a link between the device that was worn on his head and the machine he wanted to control. The initial experiments came with great success, so he pushed for bigger strides. By installing a larger version on a small shuttle, Arivek set out to fly the craft around Twilight using only commands from his own mind.

At first, everything went according to plan; the shuttle was able to launch from the bay and begin its journey around the facility. But Arivek did not take into account the difference in Computer actualization from the small device to the larger craft. The device conflicted with the Computer's programming and caused the nanoprobes to become aggressive. It wasn't long before both Arivek and the shuttle found themselves being assimilated by his experiment.

What proved to be fatal was the unintelligent programming of the nanoprobes. Without an actual Collective to give them orders, the technological components continued to assimilate but had no direction of what biological functions to perform. Arivek's body began to shut down system by system without any hope of fending off the microscopic assailant.

Transporting him to Sickbay, the Medical team did everything they could to try and stop the assimilation, but every attempt did little to stall the attack. Sedurlin, Arivek's father, was the one who came up with a last-ditch option. His most recent research study was the ability to transfer brainwaves into a holographic matrix for longterm storage, a feat that had only been successfully executed once, but only for a short period of time. While his experiment wasn't fully tested, he was confident that it would be able to save his son's life. Sedurlin quickly changed the physical parameters of the matrix to be an exact replica of his son and transferred his consciousness into the matrix. He brought the Arivek hologram online just in time for him to watch his body die.

Though everyone was glad that the procedure was a success, Arivek had very different feelings on the matter. He still felt that he should have died from his own mistake made plans to decompile his program. It was his mother, Ambyr, who convinced him not to follow through with the plans. But despite his choice to remain active, Arivek could not face his father again. He requested a transfer and took the first opportunity that took him away from Twilight forever.

The next few years for Arivek were spent in misery. He joined the ***** project as the lead Engineer and completely immersed himself in his work. His holographic nature was kept secret, having shared it with only a few people on a need-to-know basis. He became elusive and secluded, shying away from all non-professional contact with society.
Service Record === 2374 - 2378 ===
Starfleet Academy
Engineering Research and Development Major

=== 2378 - 2380 ===
USS Warbashyk

=== 2380 - 2382 ===
USS Pendragon
Lieutenant JG

=== 2382 - 2385 ===
Twilight Research Facility
Engineering Research and Development

=== 2385 - 2388 ===
***** Project
Lead Engineer

=== 2388 - Present ===
USS Traveller
Chief Engineer