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Lieutenant Chester O'Hamlin

Name Chester Alan O'Hamlin

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 194 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Chet is medium height and a slightly athletic build. His wiry black hair is kept close cut, sometimes almost completely shaved. He rarely sports facial hair, but when he does it is typically as close cut as the hair on his head. His dark skin is smooth and almost flawless. He does have a bit of resting bitchface, which makes people think he is unfriendly, but actually, he is quite friendly and even cheerful.


Father George O'Hamlin, DECEASED

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chet is friendly and cheerful. He is also very chatty; he will talk your ear off if given the chance. He thinks out loud, which tends to make people think he’s a bit mad, but he’s okay with that. (In fact, some say he does it on purpose.) He can be very stubborn, especially if he feels he is right. He is highly intelligent and clever, but doesn’t brag or show off. In fact, he prefers to downplay his intelligence to the point that some believe he does not realize how intelligent he is. He does, but has seen how intelligence can make others uncomfortable and he hates it when people feel uncomfortable around him. After all, he is already a doctor; no need for more discomfort. However, because of this intelligence, he often missed the obvious in certain situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses +friendly
+possitive attitude

-can miss the obvious
-a bit socially awkward
Hobbies & Interests Music: Chet plays piano, Cello, and Bassoon very well.
Books: He will read any fiction he can get his hands on.
Shoes: Chet has a larger collection of shoes than most women.
Pets: Chet periodically adopts senior animals of any species. He has owned cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, and a fairy antelope.

Personal History Chester Alan O’Hamlin was cruelly abandoned in a restaurant bathroom in London shortly after his birth. Authorities tried to find his family only to come up empty. He was placed in foster care with a man by the name of George O’Hamlin, who eventually adopted him at the age of two. Chet never questioned that the elderly George was his father, even given the obvious difference in race. He knew he was adopted- George told him frequently- but that didn’t matter to either of them.

Briefly around the age of 13, Chet wondered who his birth family was, but decided it was too much trouble to try to find people who obviously didn’t want him. It would be nice to have their medical histories, but other than that, he wasn’t fussed about finding them.

After excelling in his secondary school studies, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted to the medical school. George was very proud of his only child, but sadly did not live to see him graduate. George passed away near the beginning of Chet’s third year. He took a week off for the funeral, but ultimately decided that his father wouldn’t have wanted him to miss too much of his studies for something as mundane as a funeral (which was actually mentioned and laughed about at the funeral dinner- good old George, they’d said). So, he returned to the Academy and dedicated himself to his studies, determined to make his late father proud.

And he succeeded. He graduated second in his class and entered medical school. He did just as well in Medical school and finished top of his class. He was assigned to the USS Buffalo for his internship and remained on board for his residency. Upon completion of his residency, he was assigned to the USS Kilimanjaro where he was eventually promoted to ACMO. When the chance to get out of the galaxy came up, Chet jumped at the chance, but not before visiting his father’s grave one last time.
Service Record 2373-2377: Starfleet Academy
2377-2381: Starfleet Medical School
2381-2382: USS Buffalo
2382-2389: USS Kilimanjaro
2389-present: USS Traveller