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Lieutenant Garrett Davies

Name Garrett Cooper Davies

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11" (1.80m)
Weight 83 kg (185 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Garrett had been a sickly child growing up - or at least that had been what was the impression he seemed to give off to relatives when he was growing up; his often gaunt face with limbs that seemed to be too long for his body and didn't quite fit with the rest of him. Most turned out to be rather surprised when he had hit his teenage years that Garrett had started to fill out around the face and hit his growth spurt midway through.

Whilst he is not overly muscular, it is to be noted that Garrett keeps himself in good shape and therefore, tries to keep himself in good health. Garrett does keep himself clean-shaven, but there is always the possibility that he might let his stubble grow out into a full-blown beard should the urge arise.

It is also to be noted that scars are a part of Garrett, with each one telling a story - a forked 2" scar just below his right eye (where he had challenged his sister to a tree-climbing competition, subsequently falling off said tree), a 4" scar running diagonally across his back (having slid down a rocky slope) and a missing left pinky finger (from the night he had drunkenly challenged an Orion, thinking that betting his pinky was the smartest move in the world).


Spouse Leonara (deceased)
Children Leah (Living with her aunt on Earth, in Yorkshire)
Father Charles Davies II
Mother Ardent Davies (nee. Lovell)
Brother(s) Leonard Davies (Eldest brother), Tucker Davies (Youngest brother)
Sister(s) Edith Davies (Eldest sister)
Other Family Plenty

Personality & Traits

General Overview Where many people would say that the exterior tends to reflect the interior, they would be half true. Garrett's outward appearance tends to set the bar for where most of his interactions with people lay, often giving off the impression that his grumpier nature is more than skin-deep. His quieter nature lends itself towards a man being more aware and observant of his surroundings, often enjoying watching people for the sake of it. Whilst his sarcasm, having once been a volatile defensive mechanism, has turned into second nature for him - much to his counselor's disappointment, he's sure. There is a healthy cynicism to his words, or at least voicing his own exasperation when advice hadn't been heeded.

However, once he opens up and gets to know a person, a large portion of what has been shown to the world tends to mellow out in the form of someone who is keen on conversational topics that are more than skin-deep, becoming someone who is more affable in nature who's interest in learning and discovering as much as he can leads him to stowing away (rather useless) facts.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hard-working
+Absorbent of information

-Workaholic (Won't admit to it)
-Family and friends
-Though capable of learning new concepts and ideas, does not necessarily translate onto the field
Ambitions To have at least made a small contribution to the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Drinking (tea & alcohol), reading extensively, collecting weapon components wherever possible (and later using them as decorative stands), holodeck combat simulations, sleeping (counts as a hobby, right?)

Personal History It is to be noted that Garrett (often shortened to Gaz, to save time) Cooper Davies had a rather normal childhood, born on Earth; Yorkshire, England, year 2349. He was the middle child; to two older siblings and being the older brother to a younger one. The household was anything but quiet, with almost guarantee that one or more would be crying out that something wasn’t fair or ‘so-and-so had pushed me out of a tree’, dividing their mother’s attention. Though one of the more seemingly fragile of the children, Garrett was quick to get into no shortage of minor troubles and inconveniences when his parents were not watching. Climbing trees, falling out of said trees and not wanting to sit still when his mother needed to patch up the side of his face.

Both his parents had been retired Starfleet, his mother having risen through the enlisted ranks whilst his father had opted to follow his own family lineage of joining Starfleet Academy. Upon their retirement, they had taken up civilian jobs; his father choosing to further his engineering skills whilst his mother had settled to work as a psychologist in a small firm. Garrett’s own education was tumultuous, his higher education a disaster. Unable to join Starfleet academy after having failed his entrance exams, they had given him the option to join up as an enlisted crewman or choose a career away from Starfleet.

So he had chosen to enlist.

Otherwise it was back to falling out of a tree again, and he was in no hurry to do that.

Garrett had opted to choose a branch that was outside of both of his parent’s expertise, breaking away from the mould and path that his older siblings had chosen. He had pursued a career as a security/tactical crewman. His quieter nature didn’t lend itself very kindly initially towards anyone making judgements of him being able to handle the stressors of the job itself, though had sought to prove them wrong at any given opportunity.

The USS Illustrious was his first taste of space as a young crewman, fresh from training, the crew serving under Cpt. Enrique Martinez. There had been nothing of sort that would make for an interesting story aside from the connections which he had forged as a young crewman. His transfer to the USS Proteus was out of necessity as the Illustrious found itself in the age of retirement. This was the first time that Garrett had experienced combat, and thrown into a stressful environment as he not only fought against the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001 but that of the Dominion war later on, due to the need of more manpower being mobilized.

A year after the battle had ended, Garrett would find himself being put forward for the Starfleet Academy; not only for performance but the recognition that it had been a chosen route that he had tried to pursue before enlistment.

It would then mark a new chapter in his career within Starfleet as he moved up the ranks from ensign to lieutenant. Though during this time, he had met a woman named Leonara, subsequently marrying her a year later where she would give birth to his daughter and only child, Leah (born 2378). Whilst stationed on Federation outpost Galileo V, he had received news of his wife’s death and being that he was not around, custody had been given to his aunt back in Yorkshire.

Perhaps they had returned him to duty too soon after he had argued his case that he was fit for service after guidance by a counselor, an argument had subsequently led to a physical disagreement between him and a fellow lieutenant. Though his captain had been lenient, only knocking him down a peg, it was clear that the tension remained and by 2385, found himself requesting a transfer to a different ship.

Sometime in the late 2388, Garrett had received word about Project Long Jump and requested to be put forward as an extra member of the crew and would soon find himself transferred in replacement of the previous chief of security/tactical in 2389.
Service Record 2367 to 2370 - USS Illustrious (Sec/Tac crewman)
2371 to 2373 - Served on board the USS Proteus (Sec/tac PO2; Battle of Sector 001, 2373)
2374 to 2375 - Transferred to USS Canterbury due to damage sustained on USS Proteus (Sec/tac PO1; Dominion War - subsequent promotion six months later)
2376 to 2378 - Put forward for Starfleet Academy (Sec/tac ensign)
2378-2379 - Temporarily stationed on Galileo V outpost (sec/tac ensign)
2380 - During this time, is granted compassionate leave
2381 to 2384 - Returns to duty, assigned to USS Wayfarer (sec/tac ; lieutenant), during this time finds himself in disagreement with a fellow officer and is bumped down to lt. Junior grade as a warning
2385 to 2387 - Unable to come to an understanding once returned to the rank of lieutenant (late 2386), he is transferred to a different ship, USS Singularity.
2389 - Current; USS Traveller (Chief sec/tac officer)