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Lieutenant Commander Brynhild Keil

Name Brynhild Keil

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 184 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Brynhild is tall for a human woman, standing eye-to-eye with many men. She’s lean, strong, and fit, because she expects no less of herself as both fighter and fighter pilot. She is more what could be called ‘handsome’ rather than beautiful, with a long face and strong nose.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father James Keil
Mother Maria Vostok Keil
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Sisters: Ada, Charlotte, Gudrun

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brynhild is reserved by nature and doesn’t outwardly show her emotions easily or quickly. She isn’t a cold person, simply doesn’t open up easily. In battle, she is calculating but quick and decisive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brynna is no genius, but she’s bright and tactically-minded. She is strong, both physically and mentally, but it’s that emotional strength that comes with a price. She is usually too reserved, walled-off and doesn’t open up easily. Her humor is dry, usually to the point of people missing it or mistaking it for meanness.
Hobbies & Interests Reading fiction. Old Earth opera. Norse mythology. Tattoos. Athletics.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet History: James Keil and Maria Vostok met during the first night of a presentation of the ancient Earth opera by Richard Wagner, 'Der Ring des Nibelungen.' The opera took three days, and they met each night just before it and talked. Within several months, James asked Maria to marry him. Two years later, their first child was born. They named her Brynhild, after the Valkyrie of Norse mythology whose story inspired the opera that they had met at.

Brynhild, known as Brynna to friends and family, had inherited her mother's personality and her father's Southern German coloring with dark hair and eyes. She was a bright child who enjoyed sports, although she was quieter than other kids her age. She grew up with a strong sense of values and emotions that ran deep and quiet, which she usually kept to herself. She provided the classic big sister and protector role for each of the three siblings to come.

When she was ten, the family moved to Georgia. James, an engineer, had been hired by a company known as ELT Aerodynamics. When Brynna was fifteen, she worked part-time at ELT as well, assisting in administration and later in repairs.

Less than a year after she began her afterschool job at ELT, there was a terrible accident. A room filled with industrial replicators and a faulty part in one caused an explosion, which caused a chain reaction. Eleven employees were killed that day and another fourteen injured, including Brynna. Most of them were trapped in rubble until rescue workers found them.

Brynna had been friends with nearly everyone there that day, both those who lived and those who died. She was in the hospital for a month to recover from burns and wounds caused when pieces of metal had lodged in her lower back and side, as well as broken bones from being buried in the rubble. Because of the delay in treatment, there are scars that only extensive cosmetic surgery will remove, but she refuses the surgery.

She would return to school once she was healed and had to work to catch up, although her teachers had brought her work to her. She also returned to work, helping to rebuild. It was then that she got her first tattoo: on the back of her neck and down between her shoulder blades. It's a column with the names of all those who died at ELT, with 'R.I.P.' and the date, and a circle of flames at the bottom.

Having been a quiet child and adolescent in the first place, the long recovery and loss of friends caused it to entrench and she became somber. It wasn't that she couldn't relax or have a good time. She still had a social life, it just wasn't as rambunctious as some of her peers, but that had never bothered her.

One thing that emerged from all this was that what had been a minor interest in the workings and products of her company became a fascination with flying, thanks to the simple fact that she played video games during her recovery time when there was no one to visit. They were fighter pilot games, and it gave her an itch, a taste, to know what it was really like.

She was allowed to try out the on-site simulators at ELT, as she was favorably looked on as a young woman who suffered tragedy but returned to work when no one expected her to.

When she was seventeen, she graduated high school. For a short time, she contemplated attending university but decided that she wanted to pursue the craving that was driving inside her, silent but pressing. She applied to Starfleet, and while her parents weren't thrilled (it would take her further away from home) they supported her. She did not, however, aim for the academy, but instead the SF Marine Corps. She was accepted.
Service Record Starfleet Service History: Six months of basic training, six months of officer school, and a year at flight school seemed to pass quickly. As ever, she was studious. She worked hard and trained hard, only socializing occasionally and making a small number of close friends of like minds.

In flight school, after a drill one day, when she was holding her hair off a sweaty neck, someone saw the tattoo peeking out over the collar of her uniform. They pressed to know why, so she told them.

It was her friend there that called her 'the keeper of the dead,' as she could recite every name off that tattoo and the date without looking. Keeper became her call sign, but it didn't hold--not precisely.

Eventually, she would graduate and start her first posting. It was short-lived, but she saw comrades go down. Silently, she memorized their names and the dates of their deaths, eventually adding a tattoo to commemorate them. It was here that she met Cody, who would be her wing-mate. He was one of the few people to not just recognize her name from the opera, but to know the myth behind it. She found a kindred spirit in him and told him about the tattoos, when he asked.

He was the one who dubbed her Valhalla, and that one stuck. Valkyries were the Choosers of the Slain, but they brought those warrior spirits to the halls of Valhalla, where they would live on. Keeper of the Dead. She was not the Chooser, he said, but the place where their bravery would live forever.

Cody would be the first man she ever fell in love with.

He died a year later in an engagement during the Dominion War. He was killed and she nearly died herself along with him when the canopy of her bird was shattered and the pieces cut through parts of her flight suit near her neck. It was fate that kept it from hitting an artery, and it was the pieces of the shield lodged in her seat that kept her suit from venting her oxygen and suffocating her.

Brynna, also called Val by some, was in sickbay for two weeks after that, and requested a transfer. In transit, she would have another tattoo placed on her--this one on her hand. The flames can be seen sneaking out of her sleeve and on the back of her hand is a fighter jet flying out of them and beneath the circle of fire reads:

Cody 'Switch' Feuer
Where the brave may live forever.

This was now her life. She went from posting to posting, and most would say about her that she was reserved, but not cold--quiet, but not shy. Brynna made a few friends, and they were close and she would always keep in touch, no matter where she landed. Her fault was that she kept things forever, and never forgot. She earned the respect of her colleagues and commanders and climbed ranks and positions, remembering the name of every pilot lost.

2388 saw many tattoos on Brynna’s skin, however, when she was one of the few survivors of a freak event at her current posting. Her flight had been outside the ship on patrol, and they were the only ones to make it as the ship had been destroyed.

This included dear friends, and it was almost as painful as losing Cody had been.

With a need to get away, Brynna accepted a squadron commander role deploying to the Messier 4 Cluster, even if it meant a rank conversion to fleet side. It was a new start, and that was what Brynna needed after everything she’d experienced and all the guilt that followed her gaze when she looked toward Valhalla.