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Lieutenant JG Nalya Savin

Name Nalya Savin

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Deltan, 1/2 Vulcan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 7in / 170cm
Weight 119lbs / 54kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Cyan
Physical Description Nalya is slim, with hourglass-shaped body physique. She is very fit, graceful in her moves, and above all very sensual. Her blue eyes are warm and very perceptive. She has always on a sedulous makeup and the uniform that seems to be tad too tight or slinky civilian clothes. Because of her Deltan heritage, she has hairs only on her head, being bald everywhere else.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Nalya at first glance seems to be aloof, sophisticated and sultry. However, she smiles a lot, has very friendly, compassionate and flirty nature. She is an open-minded extravert with dry sense of humour, and surprisingly strong will, although she tends to be a hedonist and loves to indulge herself in pleasures.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nalya, as a Deltan/Vulcan hybrid has unique abilities and talents.

She is able to sense emotions up to about twenty meters. On touch, she can influence emotions, sexual desire, pleasure, and pain.

Her Deltan nature is visible externally, makes her look like a Human, with hairs only on her head. Her Vulcan nature is internal, making her medically compatible with Vulcans. It means she also has enhanced senses, a superior metabolism, fast reflexes, and it makes her stronger than a Human of her size would be.

Nalya has also naturally strong will that helps her to control her Deltan heritage and not overindulge herself. That Deltan passion and hedonism is something that constantly fights with Nalya’s strong will, often wins as well and even putting her in troubles.

Nalya keeps herself in shape spending a lot of time in the gym and she dresses very meticulously to the point of vanity. She loves martial arts and is very good at them, as she enjoys meditation knowing different techniques.

Because of her upbringing, Nalya is very communal, has problems respecting privacy, and can be nosy, and is a bit of exhibitionist. This also means she feels well among people and doesn’t like to be alone.
Ambitions To be liked, be famous, have a lot of children, have fun, explore and experience as much as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Psychology and cultures. Staying fit, looking pretty, feeling well, and pampering herself, martial arts, sex, and pleasure, modelling, being barefoot, and trying new things. Romance and passion. Exploration.

Personal History Nalya never knew her parents. She grew in an orphanage on Earth. For a long time she thought because of her look, that she is a Human. She had many sisters and brothers, lived communally, which shaped her for life.

As she grew up, it became clear that she had special talents and because of that, as early teenager she was taken away to a high school institution that was helping gifted people of all races. Met by so many other races, Nalya accepted the fact she was not a Human. She embraced her uniqueness and began noticing that in others.

With her emphatic talents and her look, Nalya naturally was drifting toward people, finding ways to negotiate, to console, and be support to others. It was also there where she had a stint as a model. Eventually though, completing the institution, Nalya already knew what she wanted. She applied for the Starfleet Academy and her modelling career ended soon after.

The Academy was a challenge greater than she expected, also testing her will and tempting her natural hedonism and desire to seek pleasures. She wasn’t always able to keep herself on track and while very talented, active and liked, she was from time to time struggling. At the Academy, she had many romances and through them, she learned about Project Long Jump. For Nalya, enamored by the prospect of exploration with the Starfleet, that was a perfect fit.

Nalya wasn’t sure how, but she was accepted into the project as soon as she requested the assignment there. Her first assignment out of the Academy was Canopus Station and it took her on the one-way trip into the unknown. Her training finished there in the Counselling department on the station. Few months after she became Counselor there, she applied for the open position at the USS Traveler.