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Innocent Bystander

Name Innocent Bystander

Position Chief Pathfinder

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Built like a lean, mean fighting machine.

Everpresent marker - circular and with letters IB inscribed into it. The letters are originally in IB’s home language of glyphs/runic writing, but they present to an observer in the language that they predominantly use. This marker badge tends to be placed inside the upper right side of his back, emerging like a tattoo or logo. If he’s in holo or digital form it’s still present, encoded into the image.


Other Family IB’s parent - Rain on Your Parade - is a benevolent, sentient intelligence that exists in 4 dimensions and inhabits a spaceship. RoYP chose to create a child from part of themself.

Due to the circumstances of his current situation, IB is unable to enter warp space without the aid of a warp capable ship, but he can independently open a physical channel to it, and he can converse with those in this dimension. He can cross only if his parent will allow and facilitate the transition. Any contact through warp space draws undue attention to him, however.

Personality & Traits

General Overview IB is very certain of himself, sure of his way, independent and confident that his choices will accomplish his goals. He’s not effusive and generally projects with a gentle surety. But he’s more than comfortable to back this up with actions and verbal confirmation of his bold self-reliance. He’s not at all afraid to use volume when necessary.

He is fearless and quite prepared to walk, run or leap into dangerous and unknown situations. Left to his own devices, he can be reckless as he thrives on the unknown.

He often acts as if he knows more than he really does, but when asked a question he doesn’t know the answer to, he will briefly pause as if seeking an answer from deeper within. Privately, he questions himself on a regular basis and self-doubts, but as yet he hasn’t shared these emotions with another living soul.

He knows that he used to have far more information and intelligence at his metaphoric fingertips and it frustrates him intensely that he’s lost a lot of this data. Sometimes this frustration is merely demonstrated by a deep frown, or a punch to something inanimate, other times he projects rage into the ether or warp space like sending up a flare. It is this side to him that threatens to attract attention from unwanted quarters.

Loves bad/simple jokes and really wants to be an epic pilot, but just isn’t. He’s way better with smaller remotes than bigger ships since his split from his own ship. And he sometimes speaks to inanimate objects as if they have personalities of their own.
Strengths & Weaknesses Able to converse directly with AIs and computer based systems without having to speak out loud. (NB: limited in range depending on signal strength, and this doesn’t guarantee him access, but he can always open a conversation)

In-built sensor array (original self’s high level software tech is integral to his physical form). Can see inside solid objects, but cannot read other sentient beings' minds. He has a decent empathy, but no telepathic/telekinetic skills of his own.

Can deploy camouflage, but can’t totally cloak (camouflage is much better when in ship form). He can on very rare occasions call in help/favours from his parent.

Noise sensitive on a wider spectrum than most humanoids, so loud or conflicting sounds can be debilitating.

Olfactory senses are less so and he is far less susceptible to airborne contaminants or high/low oxygen than most bipedal humanoids.

Susceptible to alcohol and drugs, but his metabolism processes them quicker than a normal human, so while they affect him powerfully, this is only for a very short time.

IB can create a physical body to step fully into, with as much complexity as he wishes. However, a biological body can take damage and has to repair at the technologically present rate of whoever happens to be acting as a medic. It’s not invincible. If the body is destroyed, IB maintains a memory of what happened to him while inhabiting it, but he loses all emotional connection/memory to those events. Example - he’d know he met you, he just wouldn’t recall if he liked you or not. He’d remember walking on a beach in the sunshine, but couldn’t tell if it made him happy or sad.

Tech abilities

- replication of solid physical form (takes time) but can transfer himself into these. He can inhabit them as long as they have brain function, but he cannot (morality block rather than inability) inhabit an occupied body. Only exception would be if said individual was irreparably damaged and near death/recently deceased.

- translation software can decipher any language, algorithm tested significantly by his parent race in multiple other systems and locations.

- can present as digital and infiltrate technological systems. Able to share space if another AI is present, whether it likes it or not.

Personal History IB comes from a benevolent and peaceful exploratory race far beyond Messier 4 or the Milky Way. Up until the Myriad attacked his parent ship and virtually destroyed it, he was unaware that violence was an option in meeting with other species. However, he learns quickly.

Born as a ‘Mind’ housed within a ship, IB was a benevolent sentient 4-D life-form, far smaller than his parent, that inhabited and ran a Scout Survey ship exploration purposes. Due to deliberate extreme trauma sustained in his past, he is now a slightly less benevolent 3-D life-form inhabiting a slightly tech-enhanced human form. He’s lost almost all of his higher functions and powers.

IB can’t remember all the details of where his people come from, or who they were. But he does have a Hail Mary pass of a helpline - it’s one of those ‘only hit the button when you really really really need it’ types of contact though. (Contacting his parent runs the risk of alerting the Myriad of their existence)