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Commander Onofron Zuir

Name Onofron Zuir

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Zelonite
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Midnight Blue
Physical Description Like all Zelonites, Ono looks like an Andorian with dark hair and no antennae. He is tall and thick. What was once pure muscle has been replaced by the softness of age and desk jockeying.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Professional hardnose. Ono is by the book to a fault. It has likely hurt as well as helped his career, given his failure to be promoted to captaincy.
Ambitions Only to serve with distinction.

Personal History Ono graduated without honors from the Academy, yet he had the recommendation of every one of his instructors for his dedication to procedure and punctilious work ethic. His failings were usually interpersonal, which are a large requirement for command duties. It cost him the command track which he had trained for.

His first posting was aboard the ignominious Outpost 99 where he served as an Operations officer alongside an eccentric Vulcan Without Logic named Mrazak. They served together in the sanitation sub-department of the station's operations, likely due to their equally but distinctly unique brands of obnoxiousness. Ono blamed his lack of progress on Ensign Mrazak who was fast and loose with protocols and could never get his name right. Even when they each managed to get better positions on the station and they didn't have to rub shoulders every day, Ono still resented the V'tosh Ka'tur for his cavalier demeanor. By the time Mrazak was transferred away, or possibly even discharged from Starfleet since Ono looked him up without finding any clear record of his present whereabouts, Ono had formed an extremely militant outlook on what it meant to be a Starfleet officer.

In time Ono was made Chief of Operations, at which point he began to distinguish himself to the right people. Ship captains who came and went noticed how tight of a department he ran, which earned him quick notoriety among the various task groups that passed through the outpost. Eventually Ono became known as the Fix It Guy, the one a commanding officer can call upon to shore up a slacking crew without losing morale. His tactics, though in demand, did not earn him any lasting friends.

When the Office of Special Investigations took over the jurisdiction of the Carpathian system, Ono was hand-picked to join the third wave of officers who would help tame the wild frontier of Messier 4. He is long past due for his own captain's chair and Ono means to earn one even if it kills him.
Service Record 2389
Commander | USS Traveller - Executive Officer

Commander | USS [Too Many To Count - You Name It, He Probably Served Aboard It As Acting XO]

Lieutenant Commander | Outpost 99 - Chief of Operations

Lieutenant | Outpost 99 - Quartermaster

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) | Outpost 99 - Lead Sanitation Specialist (Operations)

Ensign | Outpost 99 - Sanitation Specialist (Operations)