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Warrant Officer Shurikan Tsin

Name Shurikan Tsin PhD

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5" / 193cm
Weight 218 lbs / 99 kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Shurikan is a powerful-looking man. He towers over most people at 6’5”, has a well-muscled physique, and moves with a prowling kind of grace that you wouldn’t expect from such a large person. He has thick black hair that he typically wears short, with intense hazel eyes and naturally warm brown skin which is scattered with scars. Shurikan is very handsome with a slightly aquiline nose and a scar bisecting his left eyebrow. He has a trail of three small moles just below and to the side of his left eye and the typical twin trails of Trill spots. He often wears a moustache and goatee that he keeps neatly trimmed. When he smiles, his eyes crinkle adorably and his grin is infectious. He has a low, gravelly kind of voice that’s quite nice to listen to. Shurikan prefers clothing that gives him freedom of movement – nothing is form-fitting and everything is comfortable, functional and broken in as quickly as possible if it’s new.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Argeni Oscuro
Mother Torital Vys
Brother(s) Vellis Oscuro
Sister(s) Zoya Oscuro
Other Family Too numerous to list

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shurikan gives the impression that he’s a little more in touch with his wild side than the average, and that what he presents to the world is just a thin veneer of civilisation. He’s very instinctual and genial with a hint of ferocity, given to following his gut rather than conventional wisdom, and he considers himself a simple creature with simple needs – food, water, shelter, sex and some entertainment here and there. He doesn’t quite seem to fit into polite society. Otherwise, on the surface he’s quite laid back about life in general, moving through each day with ease and confidence. In fact, he’s sociable in most situations and enjoys company when it’s willing and amiable. He’s quite content to listen to others talk until he has something to say.

He’s actually rather amused by the way his appearance intimidates people. He’s been known to use his image to his own advantage, after all. He has a mouth on him, and likes baiting people. He’s the guy in the bar, laughing the loudest and generally raising hell whenever the mood strikes him. He’s a smart-ass through and through, and has no problems making light of serious situations. Shurikan is perpetually entertained by baiting lawkeepers… or anyone, really, and with his skills he has the ability to do it remotely. Which is funny to him, considering he keeps dipping his toes into foiling malicious shenanigans. Takes a questionable person to know a questionable person, right? At best, he’s a gray hat.

On an everyday level, Shurikan is the kind of person who needs to be doing something. How constructive that something is depends on his mood, sometimes it’s as simple as playing around with code. Rarely will you find him lying in bed being lazy, he’s too restless for that. Most of the time the something taking him out of his own head is programming or combat training. It's a habit now, to analyse the way people move, to calculate angles, exits, odds. It’s all mathematics on some level. Probability, statistics. He loves a challenge and in spite of all his other behaviour when it comes to hacking, he’s patient and thorough. He’ll be the first to tell you that those traits are more valuable in hacking than any ideas about high intelligence.
Strengths & Weaknesses ‘Loose cannon’ should be tattooed on this man’s forehead. Shurikan seems to have made a home for himself in left field. When he wants something, he goes after it. When he wants to do something, he does it. Conversely, if he doesn’t want to do something then the world can burn for all he cares before he’ll lift a finger. Stubborn, yes, that’s the word. Shurikan unashamedly puts himself first, no matter what, and given the chance he’ll happily screw someone over to get his own way. He’s bold, with no inhibitions, and other people’s ideas of should and shouldn’t don’t apply to him. He lives in a grey area and revels in it.

Shurikan has a lot of problems colouring inside the lines. Rules just really aren’t his thing and it has put a damper on having any kind of stable career. If he ever had a career. Saluting is overrated and he’s not into it. Respect in general isn’t his forte, unless you’ve done something to earn it in his eyes. He’s chaotic, with very few real connections to anything or anyone. He had no training prior to becoming a Trill host and once he and Tsin had stabilised, Shurikan refused any further training after that, so he is - to be frank - a terrible host. If it wouldn’t risk Tsin’s life, the Symbiosis Commission would confiscate the symbiont with extreme prejudice. He also has no formal combat training, though he can hold his own in a brawl.
Ambitions Mostly to have a good time and make money doing it. He gets along great with Ferengi.
Hobbies & Interests Shurikan makes a mean Klabnian fire tea and enjoys Arcanis lager. His career also happens to be his favourite thing to do, so his PADD is always on him and it’s tricked out. He enjoys working out to wind down and can often be found running in the mornings and evenings on top of visiting the gym.

Personal History Shurikan did not grow up on Trill. He grew up on a Trill colony named Va’kira, the son of successful merchants. The world was a technological haven, which had its advantages and disadvantages. The latter, for Shurikan, being plenty of opportunities to run amok. He was an extremely intelligent child with too many resources, and hacking was easy. He spent as much time outdoors with his parents as he did in front of a PADD, at his parents’ insistence as they tried to pry him away from his bad habits and from the authorities who knocked on their door many times. His parents wanted Shurikan to value the world around him and not just numbers on a screen.

Neither of his parents were joined, and they had never had any ambition to be joined. Shurikan grew up without symbiosis being glorified, though it was certainly respected. There were times where Shurikan’s parents wondered if he would have behaved better if he’d had something to strive for. As it was, his adolescence was wild and he was arrested several times for getting into servers and repositories he shouldn’t have been able to access. His parents despaired of Shurikan ever getting back on track. He was more concerned with hedonism and the thrill of breaking into databases than making something worthwhile out of his life, despite his test scores being extremely high when he bothered to make an effort.

Shurikan was seventeen when his life completely changed. His parents had begun expanding their enterprise to another planet and they were en route on a civilian ship. No-one was entirely sure how it happened, initially. There were numerous investigations afterwards, and though arrests were made, not everyone responsible was caught in the end. But an ion storm knocked out the power systems on the vessel and with it, a very delicate piece of organic cargo was suddenly at risk. The family was never given all the details. All they knew was the captain came looking for them - as the only Trills on board - to house stolen symbionts that had been discovered when power was restored and was being siphoned off where it shouldn’t have been. Four required hosts, three were already dead. Shurikan’s parents, his older brother Vellis, and Shurikan himself had little choice but to agree. His younger sister was spared, being considered too young.

When the ship reached its destination, arrangements were made for the family to be transported to Trill. Shurikan’s father and brother were able to be safely separated from the symbionts, who went to new hosts. The Vys symbiont couldn’t be separated from his mother because it was too weak to survive and by the time it recovered, it was too late. And finally, the Tsin symbiont within Shurikan was discovered to be immature. It shouldn’t have received a host for another few years at least. A symbiont couldn’t be separated from its first host under the best of circumstances, and so Shurikan was stuck, much to the dismay of the Symbiosis Commission who were horrified that a symbiont was joined with the equivalent of a juvenile delinquent. It was a rocky beginning as Tsin and Shurikan struggled to mentally meet in the middle. It took time and countless hours working with the Guardians, but Shurikan and Tsin finally began to integrate properly.

Where Shurikan Oscuro had been rudderless, Shurikan Tsin was anything but. Given the drive of a curious new being, he began turning his skills in new directions that absolutely no-one approved of. He decided he could spend his life hacking and it turned out that there was money in it. Never let it be said he never did anything constructive at all - Shurikan began studying to fine-tune his craft… and to give a huge middle finger to anyone who cared. He had a powerful thirst for knowledge of a particular kind. At first, no-one took him seriously. Time proved he was in it for the long haul. Three years for his first degree in information security, another two for a masters in social engineering, and finally a PhD in the field.

To say his trajectory made people uneasy was an understatement. He wasn’t a white hat by any means. They could never pin a damn thing on him but he became a freelance security consultant, jumping from one job to the next. Not all jobs were ones he was hired for. Some he simply chose to do for the fun of it, tearing down systems and dangling it over the heads of those in charge until he was compensated for his time and then he handed over the information on the vulnerabilities he’d exploited under the guise of penetration testing. Those people were usually the type that couldn’t go to the authorities since they’d be arrested themselves. Besides, he’d done them a favour in the end.
Service Record Does it qualify as Starfleet history if he got arrested by Starfleet for accessing highly classified information? Sure, it took them nine months to figure out he was in there, which is a fucking disgrace, but they got there in the end. Shurikan was given a choice - take a warrant to serve on a Starfleet ship or rot in a penal colony. Shurikan chose door number one and was sent off to Messier 4.

2390 - present - Chief Operations Officer, Canopus Station