USS Traveller


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Main Bridge   The main bridge of the USS Traveller is its nerve centre. From here the command crew of any given shift can direct the exploration vessel's progress through Messier 4 and beyond.
Main Engineering   Main Engineering, the literal beating heart of the USS Traveller. With her advanced warp drive, she is able to sustain Warp velocities of just under 9.8 for prolonged periods of time. Spread across three decks, the engineering section of the ship houses both multiple redundancies for key systems and large fabrication facilities.

We're a long way from home, so turning around for a spare is not an option.
Sickbay   The Sickbay of the USS Traveller is a self-contained unit with its own life support and environmental systems. This design, whilst maintenance intensive, allows the sickbay to be locked down with foreign flora or fauna from Messier 4 proves to be a contamination factor.

In the event of contamination resulting in loss of life and potential loss of ships function, CMO and CO have access to file NIGHTMARE GREEN FIREFLY.