USS Traveller


S0:1: What Is Past, Is Prologue

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Why did you decide to join the Long Jump Project? What drove you to the idea that a mission, potentially one way, outside of our galaxy was the place to be. This is a mission thread to help categorise back posts that occur within the Milky Way.

Part of S0-What Comes Before

S3E1: The Tempest

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The Traveller is adrift in space, but where is unknown. The main and secondary sensor systems keep rebooting, coming online for a moment and then rebooting again. Even the view ports are useless, as blast shutters designed to reduce battle damage have closed over them sealing them inside.

Everyone on the ship remembers being somewhere else: on shift, in their quarters, on the Rec Deck...and then there were somewhere else, as though skipping through a holonovel to a random page. The away team has returned, ship is damaged, blind, and deaf.

Where the hell are we?

Part of S3: By The Hand of Scylla

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S1: These Are The Voyages...

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Location: Far Far Away, Blue Giant star on the outskirts of the Milky Way one light year from the Galactic Barrier. This is to be the stepping off point for the Longjump Project on its mission into the unknown...

Part of S1: Where No One Has Gone Before

S1:2: Rubicon

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During the long cruise from their entry point to Dark Space to the edges of Messier 4, the crew of the Traveller shore up the damage they took in their exit and get used to the idea of being alone and together at the same time.

But there is one more test before they enter Messier 4.

Part of S1: Where No One Has Gone Before

S1:3: Myriad Problems

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The Traveller expedition has arrived in Messier 4...finally! Tired, tested, but now ready to begin their mission of exploration, the crew and colonists take a moment to account for their losses and shore up any damages.

Part of S1: Where No One Has Gone Before

S1:4: A Murder Of Crows

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The Traveller has escaped the lair of the High Executor, the leader of the Myriad and architect of the atrocities in Messier 4. But damaged and wounded, the ship must make the 15 light year transit back to Carpathia using the same hopscotch warp tatic as before.

During this transit a young star system is detected in the early stages of planetary development, offering easily accessible resources for the take that will greatly improve the ship's chances. What they find in the dust and debris littered system will challenge the crew, and perhaps end the voyages of the starship Traveller.

Part of S1: Where No One Has Gone Before

S1.5:1:A Time To Heal

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The crew use their two months of downtime to figure out their place in Messier 4. Old friends depart, and new ones join the crew as they prepare to set forth.

Part of S1.5-A Moment's Respite

S2:1: Good Will Gunboat Tour

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The USS Traveller ventures forth into the unknown of Messier 4 to reach the world of Casstaul. Home to the serpent-like Casstaulli, a race who have hidden their advanced state of technological development whilst under Myriad occupation, could very well be a powerful alley for the United Federation of Planets in Messier 4. But getting in and securing a meeting with the secretive and Janus like people of the Casstaulli without alerting the Myriad to their presence might be an order to high for the crew to over come.

Part of S2: A Time For All Sorrow

S2:2: Something Missing Something New

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The crew of the USS Traveller have successfully returned to Canopus Station, bearing with them the survivors of the Castualli who fled their home system once the Myriad became aware that they intended to break their accord with them. Now rested, restocked, and once again out among the stars, the Traveller returns to its mission of exploration.

A mission cut short when the alien presence called Clee'san detects the faintest hint that her long lost people, the Morningstar Ascendency, might be closer than she thinks.

Part of S2: A Time For All Sorrow