USS Traveller

Mission Day 5, Enroute To Messier 4

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 9:28pm by Captain Remas McDonald

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So...we made it.

We have left behind the Milky Way galaxy, and whilst I can hear the groaning of my astronomy lecturers at the phrasing, it's apt. We're now on the wrong side of the Galactic Barrier, and so far no sign that any of the crew have manifested any powers.

The moment I hear Lieutenant Jenkin's has begun to levitate breakfast pastries I'll note that in the official log.

The ships made the transit in good order, and our three auto freighters are online and in formation. The Colonist have been cagey, keeping their own counsel. I think the events of the launch celebration might have shocked them a little, but in time I hope they will fully engage with us. Until they I'm more than happy to just keep an eye on them.

We are currently on course for Messier 4, given that the Accelerator's phase acceleration died off about 80 light years from the periphery of the cluster. At a cruising velocity of Warp 7, we can expect to be at our first exploratory zone in just over forty days. this should give us time to give the Traveller a post-launch shakedown. This happened in the Alpha Quadrant, but a little more testing never hurt a soul and should give our new Chief Engineer a chance to acclimatise.

Bruke, our prisoner and saboteur, is still on board. Handing him over to the Accelerator crew for transport back to Starfleet would have been the better option, but with the Accelerator on a transport was out of the question. We have him for the duration, and I look forward to discussing his welfare with our Chief Medical Officer given the nature of the masking virus Bruke used.

The ship will soon fall into a routine, and I for one look forward to a few weeks of smooth sailing after an all too eventful beginning to this five-year mission.


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