USS Traveller

Welcome Home, Again, Now Go Further Away

Posted on Sat May 8th, 2021 @ 2:57pm by Captain Remas McDonald

Mission: S2:2: Something Missing Something New
Location: Commedore Grissom’s Office, Canopus Station, Carpathia Star Sysetm
Timeline: February 2390.

“-and whilst I cannot say from the data logs that you acted with poor judgement, I think its high time we set a standing order in place to curtail anymore bright ideas: No more strays Captain McDonlad.”

Remas stood on the side of Commodore Grissoms desk reserved for guests and soon to be ejected remains of former officers. On Grissoms desk were the various reports filed by the Traveller’s crew in regards to the Castaulli Diaspora. There were also scientific models generated by the ships sensors and Canopus Stations more powerful array, that detailed the fall out from the Silver Bullet.

“As it stands we now have more alien species living in this system than we’ve had peaceful contact with. The Xilosian refugee’s, the Castaulli, the Builders out by Calamity & Catastrophe. Not to mention the Reka infesting the Unicorn A & B asteroid belts. The Federation is not out numbered by our guests,” Grissom grumbled.

“Guests who are more than happy to share their science and culture with us,” Remas commented with a smile. “I was quite impressed with their material science, not to mention their passive sensor technology.”

“Technology derived from the remains of a sentient starship of unknown origin, a part of which is currently crewing your ship. Along side that gold plated wonder of yours that makes the Traveller the only Federation assets immune to Myriad infiltration,” the commodore rubbed his chin, and in doing so pointed a finger at Remas. “Not to mention the fact that all they ‘ask’ for in return for that technology is settlement rights to the higher altitudes of Tangerine Dream so they have a place to park their city ships.”

“Well we’re not likely to need it,” Remas added. “Sir.”

“Not yet, and they’ve made it plain as day we still have access to it for refuelling operations…”

“So we’ve gained an ally, well more like a partner really in Messier 4, and all it cost us was some clouds we’re not using.”

“You are missing out on the fact that the Myriad now know we have a weapon capable of ruining their day. They’ve already shown they have a tech advantage on us, and I’m not sure I like the idea of them figuring out a counter to the Silver Bullets.” The older Starfleet officer shook his head and stood. “But, like you said, we gained an ally. So we’ll call it a win.”

“Sounds like you mean ‘provisional’ win, Sir?”

“We’re not out of the dark woods just yet. Anywho, you’ve returned. Which means you get a warm welcome home and a firm go away,” Grissom picked up a data flexi from his cluttered desk. He handed it out to Remas. “It’s been logged in the Canopus Main Array since we arrived, but due to a back log in cataloging and analysis we only came across it now. Thought it might peak your interest.”

Remas looked over the file. A lot of it was incomprehensible science jargon, far above his head. But the basics were laid, and the implications and preliminary conclusions were nothing if not

“Not a red giant? Or some other infrared light source?” Remas asked.

“Science boys tell me that whilst the light from that star has been red shifted, spectral analysis says the profile is for a young main sequence star. Something is turning that stars light red, down shifting it to slower than light speed. An the last time Starfleet encountered an anomaly that played with the Plank constant on a macro scale-“

Remas cut him off.

“Was when the Traveller found the Morningstar Ascendancy ark in intergalactic space.”

“Not to mention the Clockmakers, let’s not forget them,” Grissom shivered. “I fought the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001. I’ve seen terror. But those things are a special kind of scary. I want you to escort one of the OSI task force science ships to this anomaly, see if it’s another of the Morningstar Arks, and if we have any living descendants of the original population. And check for Clockmaker infestation.”

“And if we find any?” Remas asked.

“Definitely do not bring it back here.” Gross on said, before holding up a finger. “Oh, and by the way, you have a crew on boarding to attend to.”